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RDP Stage 2.0 - E4OD/4R100 Performance Transmission 7.3 Powerstroke

RDP Stage 2.0 - E4OD/4R100 Performance Transmission 7.3 Powerstroke

We at RDP strive to build some of the most quality parts, locally, at super competitive hard to beat price points! We gaurantee you'll love how these transmissions drive and shift.


All of RDP's Stage 2 Transmissions are setup and ready for increased towing, upgraded performance and reliability. Whether you want to be able to tow without worry, increase your power without stressing your stock transmission will drop out of it, or just have a far more reliable and crisp unit over stock, this one is for you. 

RDP's E4OD/4R100 Stage 2 Come the same as stage 1.5 Transmissions except with the addition of a Triple Disc Billet Cover Converter. This addition allows the transmission to reliably handle more power and stress with the HD TCS Triple Disc Converter with anti balooning billet cover plate.



- Jet Washed and Cleaned

- Painted

- Full Master Rebuild Kit (Any steels that need to be replaced (if not they are machined), and Updated Raysbestos or Borg Warner Clutches and Frictions, Washers, O-rings, gaskets, bushings etc.

- Rebuilt / Overhauled Pump (Updated) for increased line pressure

- Upgraded Annodized accumulator pistons for a precise shifts

- Modified Valve Body

- Tugger Shift Kit (Optional)

- Heavy Duty TCS BILLET COVER Torque Converter with New Seal

- New Filter and Gasket

- New Solenoids

- All wear surfaces are machined and polished for a new finish

- Machined center support prevents bearing failure

- All Factory Updates

- Coast Clutch Basket machined to Prevent Snap Ring Blow 



Recommended up to 180 Injectors with Larger Drop in Turbos / Smaller T4 Setups and Custom Tuning but we have customer's using these with slighty larger injectors. 

  • Warranty Information

    All of our transmissions are backed by a 1 year warranty, from date of sale on the invoice. This warranty covers any part or labor defects to do with our transmission.

    Transmissions MUST be installed by a professional shop to be warranty valid. All Transmissions being installed MUST have the transmission cooler, and lines completely clean and free of any old metal and debris before install. Proper spec fluid must be used. 

    Warranty does not cover any damage done to it due to dropping the transmission, or improper installation. Warranty also does not cover complete and utter abuse or lack of maintanence. 

    We always cover parts and full bench labor of rebuilding the transmission if the build or transmission is at fault. We do not cover the Re and Re of Transmission IF it was not installed by us. If we build and install our transmission, we will cover Everything. Full re and re of the transmission, full bench labor time, all parts etc!

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