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RDP Stage 1.0 - 6.2L Powerstroke Engine Longblock

RDP Stage 1.0 - 6.2L Powerstroke Engine Longblock

RDP 6.2L Powerstroke Engine Longblock **NEW**

6.2L Powerstroke Engine Specs:


STAGE 1 LONGBLOCK - $12,500.00


- Block is hot tanked, cleaned, inspected, shot peened, new oil galley plugs installed.
- Full blueprint machining (bore, deck, hone, and align honed)
- Block Bored .40 Over
- New Mahle Pistons and Rings
- New Mahle Rod, Main, and Cam Bearings
- ICS Stage 2 Custom Ground Billet Performance Camshaft
- Micropolished Crank / Custom Machining
- New OEM Ford Rods
- New Bedplate Gasket
- Glass Beaded Rear Cover, Front Cover, and Oil Pan Girdle
- Upper and Lower Oil Pan Gasket's (Added Bead of Silicone)
- Oil Pan Included
- Rear Engine Cover Installed with New Rear Main Seal and Rear Cover Seal
- Front Cover Installed with New Front Cover Gasket
- NEW Melling High Volume LPOP Gear's and Seal / O-Ring Kit and Regulator Spring
- OEM Head Gaskets
- NEW Head Studs
- FULLY Rebuilt 6.0L Powerstroke Heads. Pressure tested, Magged, New Valve Guides, Seats, Valve Grind, Stem Seals etc. Gasket Matched Exhaust Ports.
- New HD Lifters
- New Elgin 6.4 Updated Length Pushrods
- Cleaned and Checked Valvetrain installed. Rocker Arms, Valve Bridges etc.
- Rocker Box Glass Beaded. New Gasket (Added Silicone Bead)
- Exhaust Manifolds Surfaced, Cleaned and Painted 
- New Exhaust Manifold Gaskets x2

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