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RDP 47RE Transmission 95-02 Dodge Ram Cummins 2500/3500 - Stage 2

RDP 47RE Transmission 95-02 Dodge Ram Cummins 2500/3500 - Stage 2

We at RDP strive to build some of the most quality parts, locally, at super competitive hard to beat price points! We gaurantee you'll love how these transmissions drive and shift.

All of RDP's 47RE Ddoge Ram Cummins Upgraded Transmissions are setup and ready for increased towing, upgraded performance and reliability. Whether you want to be able to tow without worry, increase your power without stressing your stock transmission will drop out of it, or just have a far more reliable and crisp unit over stock, this one is for you.

For the 95-02 - 47RE

Each Stage 2 Transmission Comes:

- Jet Washed
- Hot Tanked / Cleaned

- Completely Torn down on the Bench and Gone Through for Rebuild

- Master Rebuild Kit. With all Soft Parts. All New Updated Clutch Packs (Borg Warner or Raysbestos) Washers, seals, bushings, o-rings etc

- Any Steels are Either Machined or Replaced

- Any Hard Parts that need to be are either Machined and or Replaced with Updated Parts

- Shure Cure Kit (Shift Kit / Valve body and Pump Upgrades)

- Upgraded Reverse Piston / Updated Band

- New Electronics (Solenoid Pack / Two Main Sensors)
- New Front Pump and Seal

- New BILLET COVER Multi Disc Torque Converter.


These transmissions are Fantastic Upgrades for Reliable Stock Replacements, Towing / Mild Street Performance (Tuning / Custom Tuning / Bolt on Modifications. Drop in Turbos at max are recommended, mild fueling upgrades)


For Increased Power and Performance Please ask us about Further Stage upgrades!


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