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Stage 3 Street / Performance PLATINUM

We at RDP strive to build some of the most quality parts, locally, at super competitive hard to beat price points! We gaurantee you'll love how these transmissions drive and shift.


All of RDP's 5R110W 6.0L Powerstroke Upgraded Transmissions are setup and ready 
for increased towing, upgraded performance and reliability. Whether you want to
be able to tow without worry, increase your power without stressing your stock 
transmission will drop out of it, or just have a far more reliable and crisp 
unit over stock, this one is for you.

Stage 3. One of our Most Popular builds steps into a more robust performance driven unit.
RDP's Stage 3 6.0L Powerstroke 5R110W Transmission Always Come:

- Jet Washed and Cleaned 
- Painted 

- Full Tear down and Rebuild on Bench
- Full Performance Rasybestos GPZ Master Rebuild Kit (Upgraded Raysbestos GPZ Clutch with Additional Clutch Count. 
Performance Kolene Steels, Washers, O-rings, gaskets, bushings etc.)
- Heavy Duty Billet Cover TCS Torque Converter 
- Billet 300m maraging Steel TCS Input Shaft 
- Case Saver Kit 
- Transgo Shift Kit
- Re Programmed Valve Body with Updated Valves for Increased Line Pressure
(More Positive Flow creates harder, tighter application on the clutch packs for Longevity and Reliability)
- Upgraded Regulator Valve
- All Factory Spec Updated Upgrades
- All new Updated Solenoids 
- New Modified Pump 
- New Internal Filter / Pan Gasket 

This Transmission is more of a performance transmission and works great with injectors 
ranging from Stock to 205cc, larger drop in turbos, t4 kits, fuel systems etc. 
The weak point would be at this point be considered the Torque converter for higher power levels 
then over 205cc Injectors are capable of. 
Please check out our higher stages to get an all out performance transmission!


We can also work and Repair PTO's.


IF installed by our Builders / Shop we ALWAYS check grounds and add a
Large Additional High Quality Ground Wire from Trans case to Frame. 


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